The Stations page can be used to view and find all stations for an organization.

Stations can be found in a drop down for each location. To view a station, find it in the list by either scrolling or using the search bar, and click on the stations info in the drop down.

The details page will show general information on a station.

To search for stations, or access the sub-menu, click the buttons in the upper right hand corner.

Stations can also be looked up with a barcode scanner. Click on Lookup Station with Camera, and aim the camera at the barcode on the station.

At the bottom of the details page, there are drop down tabs for online, offline, and discovered devices. Last Connected Assets will show list tags that have not been seen for a determined amount of time. Discovered BTLE Devices show bluetooth signals that are not saved in the system.

To edit a station, press on the Edit button on the upper right hand corner.

The station can be renamed and moved to different locations and floors.

When switching locations, the station will be automatically moved on the map.

To position the station, move the map around until the marker is in the desired position.