The most cost-effective End-to-End Real Time Locating System solution.

Find any Person or Thing

PureLocate makes indoor asset tracking and inventory management easy and affordable. Track assets in homes, offices, hospitality, industrial, healthcare, and campus environments. PureLocate unifies in-building tracking and inventory of any assets within a single dashboard. Track any third-party Bluetooth BLE beacon tags.

Plug and Play

Just plug-in to get started. Plug automatically connects to your WiFi network and is ready to broadcast beacon signals and scan for nearby presence.

Sense Everything

Sense any nearby BLE Tag and alert your of their presence.

Bluetooth Beacon

Serve Bluetooth beacons with infinite battery life. No constraints with the number of iBeacon, Eddystone, Physical Web, and AltBeacon signals. Never run out of Batteries again. Reprogram hundred of thousands devices remotely. On the fly re-programmable.

WiFi SSID location

Increase indoor location accuracy of WiFi AP indoor Geo Positioning. Support for both online Geolocation API's and off grid SSID geo-encoding.

Step 1

Once powered, Plug automatically connects to your local WiFi and can be configured via the dashboard or App.


Asset Management

Allow facilities to easily determine the exact location of tagged assets to reduce equipment shrinkage/hoarding, decrease the time staff spends searching for equipment.


Track inventory as it moves between locations. Monitor displays and marketing material. Know the locations of all high value assets, and when they leave the building or room.

Transportation and Logistics

Air, ground or sea, and specialized technology designed for each logistical category accelerates productivity, profitability and operations.


Make sure your medical staff has the lifesaving data they need at their fingertips. With mobility, healthcare workers can increase productivity, streamline patient services, locate equipment quickly and administer medication accurately.


Government solutions integrate cutting-edge technology enabling you to capture real-time data at the edge for maximum operational awareness and smarter decision making.

Environmental Monitoring

Meet compliance standards and prevent product loss with wireless temperature and environmental monitoring that eliminates the need for manual reporting of storage conditions.


Manufacturers succeed by connecting real-time informational intelligence they need to shave off seconds, drive down defects and work more safely.


Track livestock to monitor health, know when an animal leaves your property. Keep track of how long an animal is in grazing areas. Easy identification of livestock.


Tracking cars in storage yards, parking lots, dealerships, and rental lots. Low infrastructure requirements makes installation easy to start.

REST APIs, gRPC's & Web-hooks to Enhance Presence Awareness in Your Apps

Robust integration tools make it easy to integrate presence data and beacon proximity into your product or application

Get alerts when an asset enters or leaves a defined zone

Monitor room occupancy in real time

Inventory management in seconds

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