OnBoard Stations

Click on the “Onboard” tab, to go to the onboarding page.

Click on “Add Basestation”

Make sure that bluetooth on your device is enabled. When ready, click on “Next”.

Hold your device next to the base station. The closest station will appear on the top of the list. Click on the desired station card.

If desired, set a custom name for the device.

Select the desired location for the device in the dropdown menu for locations.

Select the desired floor for the device in the dropdown menu for floors.

Select a network that the device will connect to. The list will be populated automatically. If not you the network can be added manually by pressing on the “Add Network By SSID” button.

Type in the password for the selected network. The password will be saved on the device.

Drag the cursor across the map to the actual location of the base station.

Verify that the information is correct. Once finished, click on “Confirm and Save”