PureLocate's indoor positioning system uses signals from any BLE beacon transmitter to determine the position to the nearest gateway device. Used to automatically identity and track the location of objects or people in real time in and around buildings.

  • Extremely fast, easy, and low cost installation and maintenance
  • Fast update rate up to 1 second
  • Constant power from AC plug (No Batteries)
  • 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi connection to server (No wires)
  • Passive BLE scanning of any BLE beacon
  • WiFi and BLE configurable
  • Remote and on the Fly Customization of BLE beacons
  • Geo-iBeacon, server-less indoor location for mobile devices
  • Secure MQTT back-hall
  • Pass-through AC Plug, doesn't take your outlet
  • Full REST API for access to filtered or raw data
  • Secure MQTT raw sensor feeds for custom applications

Key Applications

  • Inventory tracking and management
    • Location of Pallets of Merchandise in warehouses
    • Finding Medical Equipment in Hospitals
    • Tracking production through an assembly line
    • High Value Inventory Location and utilization
    • Facility Management
  • Staff location and automated Check-in/out
  • Augment GPS on mobile devices for indoor environment mapping and direction
  • On the fly Programmable Proximity Marketing using BLE beacons
  • Passive crowd density monitor and counting
    • Visitor Flow for Shopping Centers, Airports, Train Station, Trade Shows and Events
    • Improved utilization planning and large trade show optimization
    • Traffic monitoring
  • Identification and Segregation, Construction safety zones
  • Construction Site material and tool tracking
  • RF intrusion detection for Corporate Security
  • Home Automation

Mobile Device Indoor Positioning

Provides fixed infrastructure location data to mobile phones and devices for accurate indoor location using BLE beacons. Full support for GEO-iBeacons: a low power and standard way of encoding gps location inside of standard iBeacons and Eddystone packets to support background scanning of location data in any iOS and Android app.

Programmable BLE beacons

Always on customization of any BLE Beacon including but not limited to iBeacon, Eddystone-UID, Eddystone-URL, AltBeacons, and GeoBeacon. Programmable on the Fly changing of the Payload data and simultaneous beacon formats at the same time supported over easy to use REST API.

BLE Scanner

Optional Raw Access to all BLE beacon data with peak RSSI and base station location information. Enables advanced signal processing methods and Machine learning algorithms.

Remote Management

Fully exposed Secure REST API for configuration, provisioning, data collections, as well as Field Firmware Upgrades. Once installed there is no need to touch the device again.

Provisioning APP

Android and iOS Provisioning APP to enable fast and easy on-boarding of gateway devices. APP will pass certificates, WiFi credentials, Position data to the device and server. APP additionally allows fast and easy adding of any BLE beacons to the server database.

Server Options

  • Self hosted docker image, (keep your data private) *For volume customers
  • Full support for Google Cloud IoT infrastructure (Self hosted or SaaS options)
  • Custom SaaS self hosting options