End-to-end hardware and software solution for all your Real Time Locating System needs.

Track your inventory, personnel, assets or anything else with any third-party BLE beacon or device to room level accuracy.

Or using our UWB beacons, track at sub meter accuracy indoors without GPS.

Asset Management

Allow facilities to easily determine the exact location of tagged assets to reduce equipment shrinkage/hoarding, decrease the time staff spend searching for equipment.


Bring together partner industry knowledge, consumer insight and retail technology to help you build experiences that connect with shoppers and keep them coming back.

Transportation and Logistics

Air, ground or sea, and specialized technology designed for each logistical category accelerates productivity, profitability and operations.


Make sure your medical staff has the lifesaving data they need at their fingertips. With mobility, healthcare workers can increase productivity, streamline patient services, locate equipment quickly and administer medication accurately.


Government solutions integrate cutting-edge technology enabling you to capture real-time data at the edge for maximum operational awareness and smarter decision making.

Environmental Monitoring

Meet compliance standards and prevent product loss with wireless temperature and environmental monitoring that eliminates the need for manual reporting of storage conditions.


Manufacturers succeed by connecting real-time informational intelligence they need to shave off seconds, drive down defects and work more safely.

A simple and cost effective proximity location technology to pinpoint approximate location of all BLE devices in your building.

Low cost USB powered device that can be placed in each room or area then connects via WiFi to the internet.

Allows tracking machinery and people what room they are located in quickly and simply.

The software solution provides a simple REST API to allow location services to be integrated into your application or use built in proximity triggering to command a IFFT action.

Easy to feed data to any IoT clould solution.

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